Judgement Day

Your stonewall intimidating like dark silence/ I’m afraid I’m not well equipped to climb/You see, I am used to being the tall and mighty/ A mountain like Everest, only the brave dare try

But today I hide in the shadow of your wall/ I feel more like a deep cenote/ My sunken in structure from the pain of collapse/ My eyes the source and depth of my water

Although I am deep, I’m not easily found/ Debris surrounds me from my collapse/ My opening small like a raindrop in a storm/ Only a tiny ray of light can break through

I want for the light like a drought for water/ Yet the day is dark as if the sun has escaped the sky/ The dirt above me colder than any snow/ And worse an even darker night will soon ensue

I promise myself that tomorrow I’ll be more like a river/ Ebbing and flowing with power alongside your stonewall/ Blinding sunshine reflecting off of my body/ Impossible to see the dark mucky me underneath

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Poetry Lover and Writer, Freelance Translator (SPA), and Shower Singer.  Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or just to say hello!

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