Passionate Realist or Aggressive Pessimist

Have you ever felt like your intentions, words, thoughts have been misunderstood completely?  Do people often perceive you as negative for speaking the truth or being candid, without hesitation?  I have been charged with being too intense or negative throughout adulthood, but this perception of me isn’t reality.  I am not an aggressive pessimist, I’m a passionate realist! Let me explain a few things to those of you who tend to think realists are pessimists.

Realists are problem solvers.  We accept the truth around us, absorb the facts and are able to analyze all of the pieces to see how they either come together or pull apart.  We enjoy math problems and/or science.  Look around you.  How many of life’s conveniences likely involved the mind of a realist? How do the logical pieces come together without us?

You are guaranteed honesty with a realist…if you can handle it.  We’ve all heard the old saying “the truth hurts” but if you are honest with yourself how often has the hurtful truth helped?  We aren’t trying to hurt you, but we are telling you the truth simply because it’s our natural disposition to.  We despise lies, even the white ones, and distance ourselves from liars.  The truth is maddening or saddening at times, but speaking it doesn’t make us pessimistic, it makes us honest.

We are drama free, but can usually help you with your drama if you want us to.  Drama  usually stems from irrational behavior, and that just doesn’t jive well with us.  Even when it comes to behavior, we try to stay controlled and remain logical.  When you call on us to kill your drama queen, we’re able to see the perspectives of all parties objectively.  We can help resolve any differences you have by explaining the rationale in each.

Lastly, we realists are artistic.  We appreciate life and experiences in their most raw forms.  We don’t feel the need to conform because we’d be falsifying ourselves.  We manage to find beauty in life’s darkest moments and have the ability to convey that beauty to audiences who may not see things the same way as us.

No, we aren’t dreamers, but we are visionaries.  To dream is simply to think about the possibility of doing something, a visionary plans for the future with both imagination and knowledge. Tip your hat off to the realists around you friends, they’re worth more than you may think.


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Poetry Lover and Writer, Freelance Translator (SPA), and Shower Singer.  Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or just to say hello!

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