American Puppeteer

We the modern people of this universe

Offered a world of good and the obverse

An unpredictable landscape to traverse

Our human nature, the ultimate curse


The good, the bad, the ugly becomes blurred

Confused voices fall upon deaf ears, unheard

Triumph in greed is the most preferred

Only few pure in intention are undeterred


Challenged by fictitious forms of authority

Surviving a callous calculated majority

Kindness, love, and acceptance our priority

Persistent in pursuit, death our only warranty


The only followers are those that can be lead

Fooled by the red, white and blue they claimed bled

Persuaded by the unholy, a new nation misled

Founded on hatred, we greet our deathbed

Posted by

Poetry Lover and Writer, Freelance Translator (SPA), and Shower Singer.  Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or just to say hello!

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