When every second feels like lies

Masked with kisses and sweet goodbyes

His perfect presentation a clever guise

Letting go of the lows, holding onto highs


The taste of molasses tainted with deception

Sweet and savory, rapturous reception

Slow decay of teeth like visual perception

Realizing the mask of sweetness is misconception


Truth unveils beauty to masterful beast

Fragile women charmed for bountiful feast

Master manipulator, self-proclaimed high priest

Harvesting souls, like a brewer does yeast


He tangos well, but it’s the dance of the devil

Step with him and your heart he will dishevel

Careful as this be only temporary revel

But years of mourning at the deepest level


Posted by

Poetry Lover and Writer, Freelance Translator (SPA), and Shower Singer.  Feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or just to say hello!

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