The Slaugter

Slaughtered love spills tears of blood Of rage, from an army of one An army, who could not keep her armor on Long enough to defend swords of passion Once gilded man, defender of none Then dagger tongue, punisher of many Invades slowly with clever tactics Amor gone, he surveys for weakness Epiphany, he spoils […]

Buoy Boy

With each channel you surf You miss a wave of life Your board a couch cushion Far past excitement, to calm waters Here the water may seem deep But shallow becomes your existence Your growing belly keeps you anchored You become a tethered buoy Most don’t know your purpose Except those brave enough to sail […]


When every second feels like lies Masked with kisses and sweet goodbyes His perfect presentation a clever guise Letting go of the lows, holding onto highs   The taste of molasses tainted with deception Sweet and savory, rapturous reception Slow decay of teeth like visual perception Realizing the mask of sweetness is misconception   Truth […]

Easter’s Hop

The hippity hops on my Easter Day Hipness of Aunties who still slay The jolly hops of lagunitas beer Smiles of love and family cheer As nieces gamble their luck for candy Men sit on the porch drinking brandy All the ladies chit chat and giggle Speaking of each little ones wiggle Chocolates, cookies, and […]


Your co-dependency gives you strength in numbers Yet weakens the bond of  mind, body, and self Cautious you may seem, limiting self-exposure Yet calculated like a simple equation, you are discovered   False your lashes, like your songs of grand slander But those melodies are only enjoyed by those of like mind Envied beautiful shape […]