A collection of original poems and stories

Oh Boy

Memories of a boy so small in stature His heart unaware of its impending fracture With a zest for life, his stories too tall Charming, but misunderstood by all   Akin to the boy, memories of a girl A heart rarer than a pink conch pearl With a love for the boy’s zany energy Unbeknownst […]

OCD Mind

Continually dodging fields of land mines Bouncing off different points of the outer lines If life is a circle, I am the space in the center The reverberation my greatest tormentor   If my mind is a machine, it needs to be refurbished Every attempt to shuffle is a disturbance The recorder seems to be […]

Turkey Trot!

Wild majestic feathered beast Romping and roosting in Fall leaves Cocking neck and head to and fro Dancing like Beyonce, freshest flow   Oh, two step turkey deadly move Owner’s got him caged and cooped No trust for the hands that feed Those from that which will bleed!   Dancing turkey, break a sweat Gobble […]

Never Tell

Fading happiness Enclosing walls surrounding Demeaning words Echoing in this soul of emptiness A black hole Raping me of emotions Overwhelming silence Losing ambition to live Rotting thoughts Decaying in a vapid brain Wasted tears Flowing rivers down a banal visage An unsatisfying presence Finding a way to compromise Open mouths Bleeding of impurities Incoercible […]

The 10 Millionth Article of What Not to Do During a Breakup

Over the past two weeks I’ve become quite a magician, mastering my disappearance act. Perhaps I was mirroring the behavior of someone I used to know. Perhaps I was truly saddened by their disappearance and the vacant shell I thought they left behind. Okay, let’s be honest; I am still very sad, but I am […]